Tale of the 11th Day – Yang Jiechang Solo Exhibition  in Shenzhen

Date: Apr 28, 2012 – Jun 6, 2012
Venue: The Oct Art&Design Gallery (Shen zhen, China)
Artist: Yang Jiecang

I am the eleventh fugitive in Il Decameron. Here I am, telling the tale of the eleventh day. — Yang Jiechang

Yang Jiechang might be the most aggressive and mysterious among his generation.

During the past thirty years, Yang has been continuously active in contemporary art worldwide, confronting every minute the interchange, the inversion, the contrast and the fusion of languages, cultures and attitudes of life. He has created a large number of boundless and exciting works using diverse media and languages. His brush brings all the criticism and subversion to light, whether great and massive or small and intangible. His art embodies the idea of “Dao” and his participation in the present, as well as in the past.

Inspired by Il Decameron, Yang depicts on silk a fantastic imaginary land where various species interact, play and mate. Boccaccio’s Il Decameron brings us back to the Florence in 1348, where a group of ten young women and men fled to the countryside in the hope of surviving the Black Death. Every day, each one of them told a story. In the face of doom, power, race, status and class all faded away.

“We are good at everything except for speaking Mandarin. PRD.” Twenty-five years after his ninth solo exhibition “Milky Way Exhibition” in Guangzhou, Yang finally returns to Canton and has chosen the Shenzhen OCT Art & Design Gallery. Moreover, the exhibition space will witness the completion and the first public appearance of his new line drawing on silk – “Stranger than Paradise”.

9009 Shennan Road Overseas Chinese Town Shenzhen 518053 China

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