Nothing is intentional but nothing exists without intention: Koo Bon-A’s First Solo Exhibition in Taiwan

Koo Bona_EDM

Date: 2014.05.31. – 06.28.
Artist: Koo Bon-A
Venue: Dynasty Gallery

Dynasty Gallery is pleased to announce the opening of “Nothing is intentional but nothing exists without intention: Koo Bon-A’s first solo exhibition in Taiwan” will be held on 2014.5.31 (Sat.) 15:00. This exhibition will present you more than 30 pieces of works which created by the Korean artist Koo Bon-A, and she will exchange her creation experience with you at Dynasty Gallery.

For Koo Bon-A, everything in the nature is connected with time. Time is the unit of life. It is bestrewed around us and formed the culture. However, time can take our life away as well, then return the life to the nature and wait for the next chance of growing. It seems that time doesn’t do anything, but it does. We have to praise that time is equal to anything. As the writing in the book “Lao-Tzu’s Wisdom” which was wrote by Lin Yu-Tang, “Tao always goes with the flow. It never does anything. Nevertheless, everything is born by Tao; actually through it all things are done.” Maybe “Tao” and “time” are both sides of a coin. They create us, and mark the end. They let us be vigilant and fare. They are in the nature, and leave the traces as growth rings or winkles which hint us their existence.

In the past few years, Koo Bon-A’s works show plentiful structures as gears and clockworks with beautiful, lively living being like birds, butterflies and trees. They symbolize the explanation of the artist about nature, time, life and culture. Koo has said, “I am trying to express the simple or complex words which the structures talked to me through paintings. My works emphasize the source and expression of eternal life. I hope every circulating object can keep the translucent or unknown situation to me and others.” As the part of machine, both gears and clockworks used to work until they lost their power and shell. They lie down and wait for the time pass quietly as the life and culture vanishing. However, it doesn’t mean all things are not existed. Everything has had the most magnificent years. At the best moment, they left some traces in this world, and those are the evidences which prove we have ever existed. Thereupon, we don’t regret anymore. Koo Bon-A calls it “completion”.

Dynasty Gallery
No.41, Leli Road, Taipei City, Taiwan. Nearby MRT Liuzhangli Station and Shangri-La Taipei

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