Artists, We Wanted you:

Easthong is now looking for the young and potential artiest, we will display your artworks and spread your story and concept of artwork for people around the whole world.If you are interest in join us (all free), please prepare the following items and contact with us.

  1. Artist introduction with photo.
  2. Major artworks, exhibitions and awards.
  3. At least 5 pieces of photo of the Major original artworks.

Once we get your information, we will respond to you in three days.

By the way, we can apply your artworks and creativity to hot transfer printing, for instance, put your design on the cup, clothe, silk scarf, postcard, textbook…etc. Please refer to Art decoration.

If you need this service, please also feel free to contact us.

  • Contact person: Joanna Liu
  • Mobile number: +86-13402190299
  • E-Mail:
  • MSN:
  • Skype: chieh77




  1. 艺术家本身简介与照片。
  2. 艺术家主要作品名称,过去展览的清单,以及获奖的记录。
  3. 至少5幅主要创作作品的照片。


另外,我也提供一项特殊服务,将您的设计创作商品化,比方说:把您的创作设计制作成马克杯、带有图腾的衣服、丝巾、明信片、记事本…等等,如您对这方面服务感兴趣,也欢迎联系我们。请参考Art decoration的页面。

  • 联系人:刘小姐
  • 行动电话: +86-13402190299
  • E-Mail:
  • MSN:
  • QQ: 404206207

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