Book Name:
Chinese Artists New Media,1990-2010

Author: Xhingyu Chen

A retrospective of works and brief introductions to 19 Chinese artists working in performance and conceptual art, film and video, installation, sound art, and digital art.

Book Name:
Breakout: Chinese Art Outside China

Author: Melissa Chiu

This first book to substantially focus on China’s artistic diaspora–and to differentiate it from the artistic community inside China–assembles the work of 14 artists who emigrated in the lead-up to the 1989 protest at Tiananmen Square.

Book Name:
Chinese Portraits

Author: Diane Droin-Michaud, Anais Martane, Jacques Penhrin

In this unusually perceptive photo book, three Europeans who have been living there for years paint a captivating portrait of China and the Chinese.

Book Name:
Yang Shaobin: Chinese Artists of Today

Author: Pi Li, Yang Shaobin

Born in 1963 in Hebei Province, China, Yang Shaobin makes realistic figurative paintings that often disintegrate into Francis Bacon-esque Surrealism.

Book Name:
The World Around the Chinese Artist: Aspects of Realism in Chinese Painting

Author: Richard Edwards

In this series of lectures on the painters Hsia Kuei , Shen Chou, and Shih-t’ao, Richard Edwards explores the special relationship between the self and landscape in Chinese art.

Book Name:
Always Bright: Paintings by American Chinese Artists 1970-1999

Author: Zhou Yong, Li Ning, etc.

A collection of paintings by eighty acclaimed American-Chinese artists in the late 20th century, the book is the first of its kind in English publication.

Book Name:
Rejected Collection: Rejected Proposals by Chinese Contemporary Artists

Author: Biljana Ciric

Rejected Collection is an archive of Chinese artists’ rejected proposals from the early 1980s (when the Chinese avant-garde was largely underground) through the present (when Chinese artists have taken the international market by storm).

Book Name:
Wang Dehui: Oil and Chinese Brush Painting

Author: Wang Dehui

This book will help Western readers become more acquainted with the subject of contemporary Chinese art, and therefore provides one more opportunity for artistic exchanges between the East and the West.

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