Book Name:
The Art of Silver Jewellery

Author: Rene Van Der Star, Ien Rappold, Hugo Krijger, John Beringen, Michiel E. Stokmans

This book and exhibition presents over 250 silver necklaces, and earrings – objects of ceremonial beauty and originality created by tribal peoples of China.

Book Name:
Shanghai Style: Art and Design Between the Wars

Author: Lynn Pan

From the 1920s to the 1940s, no place was more modern than Shanghai: a veritable playground amid a sea of Asian and European influences; an urban population clamoring for all that was new and Western.

Book Name:
Beijing 798 Now: Changing Art, Architecture and Society in China

Author: Cheng Lei, Zhu Qi

This book covers the area’s architects, artists, curators, critics, gallerists, publishers, art professionals and nonprofit workers, exploring issues that face the art district today.

Book Name:
798: Inside China’s Art Zone

Author: Wenya Huang, Kaixuan Cui

In China, if you have exhibited at 798, you have “made it” as an artist. Relatively little-known outside of China until very recently, 798 is now mentioned in nearly every travel guide on China.

Book Name:
Beijing 798: Reflections On Art, Architecture And Society In China

Author: Eric Eckholm, Eliot Kiang, Neville Mars, etc.

Beijing 798 is captured in 200 vintage black and white images of the industrial space and its programs at the height of the revolutionary milieu of the 1950s.

Book Name:
Art and Artists of Twentieth-Century China

Author: Michael Sullivan

This visually stunning book focuses on the rebirth of Chinese art in the twentieth century under the influence of Western art and culture.

Book Name:
The Art of East Asia

Author: Gabriele Fahr-Becker

This volume presents the reader with the unique wealth of art forms in East Asia which have also exerted tremendous influence on Western art.

Book Name:
The Arts of China, Fifth Edition, Revised and Expanded

Author: Michael Sullivan

This new edition reflects the latest archaeological discoveries, pays greater attention to the art of calligraphy, provides more information on Chan (Zen) art, and takes a close look at contemporary art.

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