Book Name:
East Art Map: Contemporary Art and Eastern Europe

Author: IRWIN

A reconstruction of the missing history of contemporary art, art networks, and art conditions in Eastern Europe from the East European perspective.

Book Name:
Art in China (Oxford History of Art)

Author: Craig Clunas

The book is so brief and the sweep is so broad that a reader not already familiar with the general outline of Chinese history and common Chinese terms may have trouble forming a coherent picture, particularly in regard to the earliest centuries covered.

Book Name:
New China, New Art

Author: Richard Vine

In this collection profiling the work of eighty of the most influential artists in China today, art critic Richard Vine offers a comprehensive, critical and highly illustrated assessment of China s emerging role as a force in the contemporary art world.

Book Name:
Martial Arts America: A Western Approach to Eastern Arts

Author: Bob Orlando

This broad survey of martial arts traditions and their evolution to modern Western practice challenging the purpose and effectiveness of many martial arts activities and training methods used in the U.S. today.

Book Name:
The Revolution Continues: New Art From China

Author: The Saatchi Gallery

Charles Saatchi, one of the savviest figures in the contemporary art scene, has built an unparalleled collection of new Chinese art which is presented here in glorious color reproduction on the eve of the opening of the new Saatchi Gallery in London’s Chelsea.

Book Name:
Art and China’s Revolution (Asia Society)

Author: Melissa Chiu

This fascinating book is the first to focus on artwork produced from the 1950s to the 1970s, when Mao Zedong was in leadership, and argues that important contributions were made during this period that require fuller consideration in Chinese art history.

Book Name:
Modern Asian Art

Author: Melissa Chiu

Clark offers a unique viewpoint, debunking the idea of a single ‘modern Asian art’ and of a one-way flow of influence from West to East, presenting instead a complex ebb and flow of information and transformation, where many diverse modernisms interact.

Book Name:
China! New Art & Artists

Author: Dian Tong

When the Cultural Revolution ended in China, the long-repressed artists and writers reemerged. In art, particularly, they began to move away from the Romantic-Realism used in the propaganda art of the 1960s and 1970s, to experiment with new forms and techniques.

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