About us:

EastHong is one of the major online exhibitions of eastern artwork and agencies worldwide., we bring and spread the Eastern art for the whole world.

EastHong in Chinese is 东方红, means the eastern culture, especially Chinese culture. It always enveloped in a shroud of mystery. With the growth of China, eastern culture is now attracting the whole world. More and more people worldwide come to the east looking for potential eastern artists and artworks.

And what they are looking for is the factor of modern, outdated culture, feudal, culture shock, and even mixes all the factors together.

EastHong plays the bridge-building role between eastern artwork and interested persons. We introduce young, potential eastern artists and their creative artworks to the world. Also, people from other places in the world could discover and find artworks in which they are really interested at our platform.

Contact us:

EastHong is located in Pudong, Shanghai, a major creative city of China.

If you are looking for any eastern art, even it is not showed on this website, please feel free to contact us. For artists, who want their artworks and themselves have more public exposure, are very welcome to join us.

Ads on Easthong, or website cooperations are also welcome.

Contact person: Ivan Lin
Mobile number: +86-15821266537
E-Mail: yichieh.lin@gmail.com
MSN: ivan_lin@livemail.tw
Skype: chieh77

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Cooperation institute:

M50, 上海大学美术学院中央美术学院, 喜玛拉雅美术馆, 田子坊, 上海创意空间, 三十而栗, Asia-Thinking, 茄子工作室

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